Astral Gemstone Talismans

Introduction to the Planets and their Talismans

A careful study of the foregoing information on the nature and cosmic influence of the 9 planets in sidereal astrology will provide a better understanding of the astral power each planet exerts over the destiny of human beings. Furthermore, when one has determined through correct astrological calculations which planets exert the strongest influences over one’s life, one can then manipulate these cosmic forces by the proper use of kavacas or astrological talismans.

Since ancient times sages and alchemists of the East have revealed the precise science relating the elements of nature with the nine planets, as well as the proper method of combining these astral elements into powerful talismans. This information was originally derived from ancient Vedic texts, and it was from these Oriental sources that Western alchemists and astrologers derived their knowledge, most of which was kept secretly confined to the initiated higher circles.

It is stated in the SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES by Manley Hall that, “The rays of the celestial bodies, striking the crystallizing influences of the lower world, become the various elements. Partaking of the astral virtues of their source, these elements neutralize certain unbalanced forms of celestial activity and, when properly combined, contribute much to the well-being of man.”

The philosopher Agrippa has described in Three Books of Occult Philosophy the basic preparation of astrological rings as follows: “When any star (planet) ascends fortunatly (i.e., located in an auspicious position in the horoscope), with the fortunate aspect or conjunction of the Moon, we must take a stone and herb that is under that star, and make a ring of the metal that is suitable to this star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the herb or root under it, not omitting the inscriptions of images, names and characters, as also the proper suffumigations.”

Although currently displaced by the meaningless system of birthstones described in Chapter II, the true science of “planetary gemology” is still being practices by Asian (and some Western) astrologers. The ancient system of panca-amrita – the 5 immortal nectars, is based simply on the proper combination of the planetary gemstone, metal, herb, symbol and number which corresponds to the planet that is to be enhanced. The Vedic process of puja or invocation of the planetary energy by means of a mantra (sound invocation) and stotra (prayer) represents the 6th amrita whereby the mind uses special sound vibrations.

After the talisman has been carefully prepared, one should first perform the appropriate rites of invocation – purification. On the appointed day and at the specified time one should immerse the gemstone-mounted talisman in either pure cow’s milk (if available) or purified water; and while bathing it in sanctified incense smoke one should recite the mantra and stotra dedicated to the specific planet the appropriate number of times. Only then should one begin using their talisman.

*On the following pages we have listed the necessary information and ingredients which are relevant to the preparation and use of planetary kavacas or talismans. Ancient texts do recommend certain gemstone carat weight limitations, so it is important to realise that larger gems are considered to be more powerful than smaller gems of the same fine quality. NOTE: For recommended gemstone color based on one’s social-economic station refer to the previous chapter.”