Gemstone Narratives

The stories recounted below are true-life as well as historical examples of how the astral powers of gemstones may be utilized to counteract the undesirable influences of afflicted planets in individual horoscopes by strengthening one’s strong planets or, in some cases, one’s weak planets. If you suffer from chronic physical or psychic ailments which no physician or medicine has been able to remedy, perhaps the problem lies in a critical deficiency, excess, or imbalance of astral energies in your aura. Any qualified sidereal astrologer, who understands that “Lucky planet=lucky gem,” can help determine what gems will best suit one’s needs.

RUBY: The following is a gemstone story from my own experience. The lesson I learned is that only “good” quality gems are “lucky.” In 1974 I was residing in the ancient Himalayan Village of Dhulikhel, Nepal when I received an urgent telegram from my old friend Shyam. His message was simple: “DISCOVERED RUBY MINE, COME IMMEDIATELY” and it ended with a contact in Hyderabad, South India.

When I arrived, Shyam showed me “buckets” full with rough and cut rubies soaking in jasmine oil. He also showed me an old Sanskrit text which described the mythical origins of the principal gemstones and certain guide lines on their use. One of the verses stated that flawless gems had auspicious talismanic powers, but defective stones were evil and inauspicious. As they didn’t have high-powered microscopes in the ancient times it stood to reason that flawless meant “eye-clean.” In any case, these secret, Hyderabad rubies were definitely NOT eye-clean.

The story unfolded of a “cursed” Indian family who had discovered a deposit of “red corundum” on their property. Fearing the Government, they kept their secret until they ran into good-old Shyam who offered to help. He promptly enlisted the financial assistance of (Ex-Beatle) George Harrison and actor Peter Sellers. With this money, he was setting up private cutting and polishing factories and he needed me to visit Bangkok and check out the possibilities. So with five kilos of rough rubies I proceeded to Thailand where I had the stones cut. In the meantime, Shyam had smuggled an enormous amount of rough and cut gems out of India and taken them to New York, the Mecca of Money.

In America he promptly joined forces with an unsavory character and bought a pet lion. Shortly thereafter he returned with his new friends to “really open up the deposit” where they hoped to find some “clear” rubies. To make a long story short, the whole thing was a fiasco, trunk loads of rough rubies were confiscated, and Shyam had to flee India. Oh! I forgot to mention, the pet lion fell from a 10th story Manhattan window and went splat, leaving Shyam with a broken marriage.

In the meantime, I took the cut rubies to Bali where I sold everything to the local tourists for $10 per carat (the cut stones were worth $10.-$100. per carat, compared to a flawless ruby which is worth $1,000 per carat, and up). I then returned to India, paid the Hyderabad family for their rubies and proceeded to Nepal. At this point my business went sour, I was blamed for selling cheap rubies cheap, I was cheated by a Nepali partner, I was cheated again by an American partner, and when Kali Baba’s curse descended on the Nepali man I knew it was time to move on. The first thing I did was to bury those flawed rubies still in my possession. And that is my advice to anyone who shows me a really “flawed” gemstone: BURY IT! I remembered the old verse from the ancient Garuda-puranam which stated that flawed stones are bad luck while eye-clean gems are so auspicious that great sages and royalty of all ages eagerly sought them out.

MORAL: Only “eye-clean” gems are helpful and attractive, while visibly flawed gems are defective and disturbing. !

RUBY STORY 2: Some years ago, a prominent Bombay businessman suddenly contracted a chronic fever with dangerously high temperatures which persisted day and night. The best physicians in the city were summoned to his bedside to diagnose and treat his condition, but all to no avail. They tried modern Western and traditional Indian cures, but his condition grew steadily worse until he became partially paralyzed and permanently bedridden. After all medical options had failed, a prominent sidereal astrologer was invited to examine him. Charting the patient’s horoscope, the astrologer determined that man had just entered a major Sun period in his life, and glimmering on the man’s right hand the astrologer noticed a very fine, large red ruby set in a ring. The astrologer then informed the patient that in addition to having an exalted Sun in his chart, he was just entering a major Sun period and thus the ruby on his hand was attracting a critical surplus of Sun energy. The hot, radiant energy of the Sun, transmitted into the man’s system by the flawless ruby on his hand, was causing his persistent fever. The patient removed the ring and completely recovered his health, without resorting to any medication whatsoever.

PEARL : In Kanpur, India, there lived a university scholar who suffered from painful blisters all over his face. He tried various remedies and potions, but nothing alleviated his affliction. Subsequently, a careful examination of his horoscope revealed that his energy system was being severely afflicted by the unfavorable position of Mars in his horoscope. In addition to being ruled by fire, Mars also governs the face and is generally associated with boils. He was advised to strengthen the Moon’s influence by wearing a fine pearl set in silver, and though he felt skeptical about such traditional astro-therapy, since all else had failed to effect a cure, he decided to try the gem therapy as a last resort. Within one month of wearing the pearl set in silver, the man’s ailment gradually subsided, the boils on his face disappeared, and he fully recovered his health.

MOONSTONE: Testimonial by Ms. Chou Tung of Taiwan: In June, 1992, when we were living in Thailand, my husband purchased an astral gemstone talisman for me, to protect me from accidents and unseen negative forces. It was a beautiful moonstone, set in a ring of white gold.

Two months later, in August, I went back to Taiwan by myself in order to visit my family. My three sisters all remarked on the beauty of my new ring. Then one evening about a week later, one of my sisters noticed a big crack running down the middle of my moonstone and brought it to my attention. Sure enough there was a new crack in it, but no one could figure out why, and so we all went to sleep and forgot about it.

Next morning, they wanted to look at the cracked moonstone in the sunlight, but when I reached to take the ring off my finger, it was gone! Somehow it had disappeared from my finger overnight. We searched the bed, the floor, and the entire house, but there was no sign of it.

That same morning a friend of mine came to pick me up in his car to go shopping with a bunch of old friends. About 15 minutes later, I suddenly remembered that I had to stop at the airlines office to arrange my return flight to Thailand, so I asked my friend to drop me off there. He offered to wait, but I didn’t want to inconvenience him and my other friends, so I told them to go on without me, and that I would meet them later for lunch. So they drove off without me, and a few minutes later they were involved in a serious automobile accident in which everyone in the car was badly injured and hospitalized. My friend who was driving was still in the hospital six months later and almost lost his leg.

When I heard the news about the accident later that day, I immediately thought about the crack in my ring and its subsequent disappearance the night before the accident, because I’d heard similar stories about astral talismans “deflecting” bad luck and averting unforeseen disasters. When I returned to Thailand a few weeks later and told my husband what had happened, the first thing he did was pick up the phone and order another astral talisman ring for me!

YELLOW SAPPHIRE : There was a married woman living in India who left her husband because she felt convinced that he no longer loved her. After moving back to her parents’ home, she contacted a well-known astrologer to discuss her matrimonial problem. After casting her horoscope and reviewing her chart, the astrologer informed her that the situation was due entirely to the weak position of Jupiter in her horoscope. In order to strengthen her Jupiter and attract this jovial planet’s beneficent energy into her system, he advised her to obtain and wear a flawless yellow sapphire of over three carats in weight. Her parents promptly purchased this gem for her and had it mounted in a gold ring. Wearing this ring, she then returned to her husband’s home, and through the power of Jupiter’s energy attracted by her new ring she soon regained her husband’s love and affection and subsequently bore him two fine children.

HESSONITE : The following story is also drawn from my own personal experience. In 1976, while staying on the Indonesia island of Bali, where I was having an extensive collection of unique astral jewelry crafted by goldsmiths there, I was introduced to a young America living on this island. His nickname was “Abdula” due to his dark complexion, and he was known as a gambler. I informed Abdula that the gem hessonite, when flawless, was renowned in traditional Hindu lore as a lucky charm for gamblers, owing to its relationship with the fickle planet Rahu. I happened to have an exceptionally fine specimen of hessonite with me, which I’d recently obtained in Sri Lanka. Intrigued with the idea of owning a bought the stone and asked me to have it properly set in a ring for him. So I designed a special astral ring in pure silver, complete with the appropriate herbal ashes sealed into tiny tubes next to the stone, and sold this talisman to him for $400. When I went to deliver the ring, Abdula was deeply engaged in a serious, high-stakes game of backgammon with several other people. He told his fellow gamblers about the lucky ring, and they all scoffed at the idea of such a powerful talisman. So right then he slipped the ring onto his finger and decided to test its purported power. To everyone’s amazement (and to my own great relief), Abdula won the price of the ring in the very game.

EMERALD: Another example from India, where the astral powers of gemstones are taken for granted, recounts how faith in astral gemology can save a person from premature death. In Uttar Pradesh, India, there lived a gentlemen who habitually wore an emerald of good quality, based on the advice of his personal astrologer. One day, while purchasing an airline ticket to Bombay, he happened to notice that the emerald in his ring had developed a small crack. Taking this sign as a bad omen, he immediately canceled his flight reservation, and the airplane took off without him. The plane crashed, and everyone on board perished!

DIAMOND : Another incident from the authors own personal experience took place in 1975, in Kathmandu, Nepal. I was visiting the jewelry shop of a Nepali friend on New Road, when an Indian diamond smuggler came into the shop to sell some of his gems to my friend. On the man’s finger I noticed a ring set with an unusually large diamond. I asked to see the ring, and examining the diamond in magnification through a jewelers loop, I noticed that it was tainted with a red spot. I mentioned this to the man, and told him and my friend what I had heard about such stones while previously traveling in Jaipur. According to ancient Hindu gem lore, wearing a diamond with a red spot inside it would bring premature death to whoever wore it, even to a highly accomplished yogi who had already “conquered death.” My Nepali friend nodded gravely and said that he too had heard this tale, but the Indian smuggler, who should have known better, simply laughed and dismissed it all as mere myth. Later on that day I returned to my friend’s jewelry shop to pick up a peace of jewelry I’d ordered, but to my surprise the shop was closed, and it remained, closed for two more days. When it finally reopened, my friend informed me that the Indian fellow with the flawed diamond ring had been killed in an accident right in front of the shop shortly after our conversation there!

CAT’S EYE : There was an American who, due to his black-market dealings, had reason to fear the government. To off-set this danger he purchased a flawless precious cat’s eye gem of over 3 carats in weight. About six months later this person was caught red-handed by the authorities. Inspite of this he was able to cooperate with the government and eventually ended up with nothing more than probation. Thereafter he was allowed to move far away from his home where he remains free from reprisals. The cat’s eye energy of the Planet Ketu had helped him overcome his negative karma of government punishment as well as any danger from hidden enemies he had to fear as a result of his cooperation. A subsequent study of his sidereal horoscope revealed the position of Ketu (the diety ruling cat’s eye gems) to be very negative. The boost in his Ketu energy almost immediately proved harmful. It was the superb quality of the gem which must have saved the day.

CATS’EYE STORY 2: An old Romanian tale relates the story of a princess named Vrina who fell into abject poverty due to a severe famine in her land. The only possession which she managed to retain was a golden lizard pendant set with eyes of cat’s eye chrysoberyl. This pendent had always been her lucky charm, and a famous mystic had told her never under any circumstances to sell it, for it possessed a special power which would enable her to communicate with animals in times of crisis, and thereby save her from ruin. When all of her possessions save for the lizard pendant were gone, she broke down and wept in despair. At that very moment, a lizard with green eyes similar to the color of cat’s eye approached and “spoke” to her. The lizard communicated the information that she would find her salvation in the dry bed of the river. So she went to the river with her subjects and upon excavating the dry bed they discovered a rich deposit of fine cat’s eye gems, which quickly restored the prosperity of her kingdom.


BLUE SAPPHIRE : The ancient Sanskrit scriptures known as the Puranas contain a well-known story regarding the astral powers of blue sapphires. One day, the great King Dushyanta was hunting in the forest when he met and instantly fell in love with a young girl named Shakuntala, who was the daughter of a powerful sage living as an ascetic yogi in the wilderness. Wishing to marry her, the King gave her a beautiful blue sapphire ring to mark their engagement, and he told her to come to his palace whenever she felt ready to marry. One morning a few month later, as she stood by the river bank drawing water for her father, the sapphire ring slipped off her finger, fell into the river, and was promptly swallowed by a fish. When later she went to visit the King at his palace to consent to his proposal, the King did not recognize her, nor could he recall his promise of marriage. Deeply distressed, she returned sadly to her father’s hut in the forest.

A few months later, the fish which swallowed the ring was caught by a local fisherman, who found the precious sapphire inside its stomach. Thinking that this might be important, the fisherman took the ring to the King. The moment the King set eyes on the stone he immediately remembered Shakuntala and his proposal of marriage to her. He sent for her, and soon they were married and lived a long happy life together, thanks to the precious gem which consummated their destiny.

RED CORAL : Many years ago a Thai lady night-club owner came to visit our Astral Gemstone Talismans Showroom in Bangkok. While waiting for her horoscope to be cast she saw a Mars bangle set with a large red coral. She immediately put on the bangle and left the shop saying she would return to pay for the peace. Not more than 10 minutes later she returned the bangle explaining that she just had a heated argument with her boy-friend who strongly objected to her wearing the red coral. Upon checking her horoscope we found that Mars was posited in the sign of Leo, a very strong, fiery position, signifying (among other things) romantic conflicts. Increasing her Mars energy by wearing the large red coral had an immediately violent effect on her relationship, which was painfully apparent.



The following is my all-time favorite gemstone story. This legend is derived from the 10th Canto of the great Bhagavata Maha-purana : Book 10, Chapter VII. Over 5,000 years ago, at the end of the Dvarpara-yuga or the “Copper Age,” the 8th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu appeared on the Earth as Lord Krishna. During the latter part of His sojourn on this planet Krishna was involved in a misunderstanding over a wonderful ruby known as the Syamantaka gem.

There was a King named Satrajit who was a devotee of Surya, the Sun-god. After many years of worship King Satrajit was finally blessed by the Sun-god who gave him a fabulous ruby as a reward for his dedication. This ruby was named “Syamantaka” and it had the power to produce one and a half tons of gold daily for it’s owner. Such was the great brilliance of this gem that people mistook King Satrajit to be the Sun-god himself where ever he wore the jewel. One day Satrajit went to visit Lord Krishna on His island Kingdom of Dvaraka. Krishna, understanding Satrajit’s inflated ego and attachment, asked him to give the gem to Yadu King Ugrasena. When Satrajit refused, Krishna relented and said nothing further about the matter. But the devoted denizens of Dvaraka were surprised and soon gossip spread throughout the Kingdom.

Later, the brother of Satrajit, Prasena, borrowed the gem and went boldly into the forest to hunt. Unknown to anyone, Prasena was killed by a great lion who was in turn killed by Jambavan, the King of Bears, who took the Syamantaka jewel into his cave and gave it to his child to play with. Soon the news of the gems disappearance turned into ugly rumors that perhaps Krishna was responsible for the theft. Sensing the people’s doubt, Lord Krishna ventured out to search for the gem accompanied by a large group of followers. Later they found the dead bodies of both Prasena and the lion. Finally they came to the cave of Jambavan and Krishna entered the cave alone, leaving his associates out side. Seeing Krishna and not knowing his true greatness, Jambavan engaged Him in mortal combat. After the fighting had continued unabated for over 14 days and nights Jambavan began losing strength while Krishna was still strong and getting stronger. At this point Jambavan realized Krishna’s true identity and offered Krishna the jewel and his daughter in apology.

When Krishna returned triumphantly to Dvaraka the truth became known and the Lord returned the Syamantaka gem to King Satrajit. The legend of the gem continues with Satrajit getting killed, Akrura running away, etc, etc., but the most memorable part of the saga involves Lord Sri Krishna.

One of the most esoteric aspects of “Planetary Gemology” deals with the Planetary Deity ruling each gem. These Graha-devas belong to the Cosmic Hierarchy and their influence is felt according to the angle or rasi (sign) and bhava (house) they occupy in one’s horoscope as well as their major planetary periods (about 60% influence) and their minor planetary periods (about 30% influence). There are many other considerations including Sun periods (30 days), moon periods, aspects, lord ownership, house ownership, transits, and many other more subtle points which involve understanding the horoscope as a whole. In the East the concept and belief in the devas or “cosmic hierarchy” is deeply rooted in ancient Vedic tradition. The use of gems as a way of invoking each stone’s ruling planetary deity is still prevalent. This consideration is the most esoteric aspect of “gem therapy” and is not for those who do not believe in karma or rebirth.

These are only a small handful of the many amazing cases associated with the potent therapeutic powers of precious gemstones, which can influence a person’s health and longevity for better or for worse by attracting and amplifying various types of cosmic energies from the stars and planets. In some cases, It’s the critical deficiency of a particular type of astral energy which causes the problem, while in other cases it’s an over-abundance and imbalance of energies due to the presence of inappropriate or flawed gemstones on a person’s body.

If you’ve been suffering from chronic physical or psychic afflictions for which conventional medical remedies are consistently ineffective, or if you experience persistent runs of bad luck, you may wish to consider trying to correct the situation through astral-therapy by consulting a qualified sidereal astrologer, then obtaining and wearing the astrological gemstones or talismans which he prescribes. The answers to many of our most common problem are literally “written in the stars,” and astrological gemstones, which function somewhat like radio crystal receivers to attract, modulate, and amplify the invisible energies which rain down on us from the cosmos, can bring those energies and those answers down to earth.

In conclusion I would like to point out that gemstones for planets which are harmful in one’s horoscope and also gemstones of planets which are cruel by nature, like Saturn, Mars, Rahu & Ketu, may be used to advantage by someone wishing to placate these planets through the recitation of mantras and performance of certain acts of sacrifice. Used as a medium for graha-puja or planetary solicitation these otherwise harmful gems help to magnify one’s prayer. Anyone who is not willing to perform the requisite sacred rites may well come to grief by using gems which represent a harmful planetary influence in one’s life. Therefore, the idea of pacifying planets thru the use of gems, can be done, provided one obtain the necessary information in order to carry out the rituals correctly. Otherwise, one should normally avoid gems which represent a harmful influence in their life.