Ancient Vedic Gem Lore


Vedic Text

The complexion of Vala was taken by the demigod of fire, Agnideva. It transformed into the seed-origin of bloodstone and dropped primarily into India’s Narmada River. Some of these seeds washed upon the lands occupied by the lower caste populace while the rest spread around India and other parts of the world. Wherever they settled, deposits of bloodstone originated.

Bloodstones of good quality are colored green with reddish spots, and can be highly polished because of their density. Exceptionally fine bloodstones are occasionally found with colors which radiate as brightly as lightning. Bloodstones of fine quality increase the wealth and followers of one who wears them.

Throughout these ancient texts. The importance of both purity & color as the root source of cosmic power in gems is always emphasized. Gems free of defects are regarded as pure transmitters of astral energy and are therefore auspicious. Flawed gems, on the other hand, had just the opposite affect – they were seen to attract ill-fortune. Nowadays clarity and quality are simply factors which affect the price of gems.— Sri Garuda Puranam: Chap. 78

In the following chapter we list the gemologial data currently used by modern-day gemologists to identify unknown gemstones and to separate natural gems from their synthetic counterparts.