Ancient Vedic Gem Lore


Vedic Text

The potent semen of Vala transformed into the seeds of quartz (rock crystal). These seeds germinated primarily in the Himalayas and the lands to their north.

These crystals are usually transparent and colorless, and are often so brilliant that they are mistaken for diamonds.

Any one respectfully wearing a pure quartz crystal set in gold will attain good fortune in this life and be protected from dangerous animals such as tigers, leopards, wolves, elephants, and lions. Pure quartz is also an amulet giving the wearer extraordinary sexual prowess. Wearing quartz while offering libations to departed ancestors insures them lasting happiness. It is also a talisman against drowning, burning and theft. These attributes pertain to pure flawless quartz, and knowledgeable gemologists advise that flawed varieties that are included, fractured, or discolored should be completely avoided. —Sri Garuda Puranam: Chap. 76