AGT Certification

Example pendant for which this AGT Certificate of Authenticity is issued

The AGT Gemological Certificate of Authenticity & Description of Astral Aspects

Each Astral Gemstone Talisman is presented in an exotic wood or silk box and comes with the AGT Gemological and Astrological Certificate. The first page of each certificate shows a digital color photograph of the talisman, and gives the creation date and Astral Gemstone Talisman Collection serial number (see sample below).

The gemological description describes the “4 Cs,” viz., COLOR, CUT, CARAT WEIGHT & CLARITY…

  • Color is a description of the primary hue of a gem when viewed in indirect sunlight.
  • Cut describes the shape and style of a gem’s cutting and polishing.
  • Carat is weight of the gem (1 gm = 5 carats).
  • Clarity describes the extent to which a gem is free of flaws when viewed through 10x magnification (10x loupe) in dark field illumination. The clarity grade for every gem (in the AGT report) is expressed as a percentage of purity on a scale from 100% clean (0% flawed) to 0% clean (100% flawed).

AGT Gem Quality Color Legend


AGT’s Gem Clarity Scale

LabelClarity Definition
IF*100%Internally flawless*
VLI1*95%Very lightly included 1*
VLI2*90%Very lightly included 2*
*AGT Quality

AGT’s Gem Clarity Scale

LabelClarity Definition
LI180%Lightly included 1
LI270%Lightly included 2
MI160%Moderately included 1
MI250%Moderately included 2

AGT’s Gem Clarity Scale

LabelClarity Definition
HI140%Heavily included 1
HI230%Heavily included 2
EI120%Excessively included 1
EI210-0%Excessively included 2

IMPORTANT NOTE: Astral Gemstone Talismans only uses gems that are 85% flawless or better

The second and third pages of each certificate include astrological information about each talisman’s known planetary influences and how and when the talisman should first be used. The fourth page is instructions of how and when to wear the talisman.