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Why do gems have value?

 By Richard S Brown, PG

Why do gems have value? Why does any “thing” have value? If we analyze the factors we can see four factors at play, and with a 5th factor also coming into play as the case may be. These 5 value factors are:

  1. Beauty
  2. Rarity
  3. Durability
  4. Portability

And in some cases involving sacred objects an extra consideration would be…

5. Power

In progress…

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by Richard S Brown, PG

•Sun: Core self, central energies, relations to government 

•Moon: Emotions, overall nervous makeup, way of relating to life 

•Mars: Raw energy, aggression, lower side 

•Mercury: Intellect, communication ability, diplomatic nature 

•Jupiter: One’s higher knowledge, wisdom, relations with divine law/higher truths 

•Venus: One’s pleasures, refinement and grace in actions, beauty 

•Saturn: One’s obstacles, sorrows, great challenges 

•Rahu: One’s oddity, foreign elements, unexpected events 

•Ketu: One’s lack, separations, spirituality

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