by Richard S. Brown, PG

Taoist Scholar Daniel P. Reid wrote the following…

“I just realised something about the three lines you put at the bottom of all your rings, your distinctive logo.

“In ancient Taoist iconography linked to the classic “Book of Change” (the I-Ching), there are eight symbols known as the “Eight Trigrams” (Ba Gua). They are enduring symbols of eight basic forces that form the planet, such as Heaven & Earth, Fire & Water, Mountain & Lake. The first and most powerful force is, of course, Heaven and is called Chian, and the trigram symbol for Heaven is three unbroken horizontal lines, exactly as on all your rings and in precisely the same proportions. If you look at the lines on the ring so they are horizontal, you are looking at the trigram called “Chian,” which is Heaven.

“This is remarkable and very auspicious for the person wearing the ring. I think a lot of people would be interested in this connection to ancient Taoist cosmology.”


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