AGT’s simple version initiation ceremony before first wearing talismans.

The AGT certificate, which describes your numbered talisman, is either with the talisman or is coming by airmail, and it contains the essential mantra, day and time.

Here I will describe how to first wear it.

1. On the appointed day (Such as Sunday for Sun [ruby] or Monday for Moon [Pearl], and for any Rudraksha either Monday or Saturday. As specified in your certificate on page two.

2. Rinse the talisman in clean water (Ganga jala if available)

3. If the talisman includes a Rudraksha seed then rub Sandalwood oil (or another scented oil) on the

talisman (the seed will look shiny and remain fresh if you do this often)

4. Offer incense to God, in accordance with your tradition. (If you are an atheist then just follow the

following ceremony anyway (well, if it can’t help then it can’t hurt neither; but if it CAN help then that’s awesome).

5. Keep incense in holder

6. Hold the washed talisman in your right hand so it is being bathed in the rising smoke of the incense.

7. Recite “Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah!” – 10 times.

8. Recite specified mantra the suggested number of times. (For example, the mantra for Venus [Shukra]

is “Om shum shukraya namah!”—16 times. Or for any Rudraksha [Shiva], recite “Om namah shivaya namah Om!” – 10 times)

9. Begin wearing

OIL SEED: Apply scented oil (best is Sandalwood oil or Jasmine oil) on the Rudraksha once a week by rubbing on with your fingers – this will keep the seed fresh and shiny.

WASH TALISMAN: Wash in normal water with a toothbrush (not over the drain pipe, please).  Talismans are waterproof.

SILVER: By nature real silver will often tarnish – that is why silver polish is sold worldwide. So if the silver gets tarnished just use a little silver polish once a month with a soft cloth. You can also wash the talisman in water

RUDRAKSHA: Rudraksha seed is waterproof.

Om svastyastu!!!

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