Ketu Talismans

Planet to be strengthened:Ketu (Moon's South Node)
Cosmic color said to be enhanced:Infra-red
Recommended gemstone:Cat's eye chrysoberyl
Alternate gemstones & Rudraksha:Cat's eye fibrolite, tourmaline & beryl (Rudraksha Seed: 9 faced)
Solar/Lunar metal to be used:Silver
Herbal ashes to be used:Sacrificial grass (Kusa-bhasma)
Cosmic number to be used:7
Planetary symbol to be used:
Hand to be worn on (if a ring):Right
Day for invocation:Thursday
Time for invocation:Midnight
Mantra of invocation:"Aum kem ketave namah."
(Repeat 18 times)
Stotra of invocation:"Aum-palamsa puspa samkasam
taraka grham-astakam,
raudram raudrat makam-ghoram
tam ketum pranamamy-aham."