Mercury Talismans

Planet to be strengthened:Mercury
Cosmic color said to be enhanced:Green
Recommended gemstone:Emerald
Alternate gemstones:Green jade, peridot, green tourmaline, chrome diopside, and tsavorite
Solar/Lunar metal to be used:Gold
Rudraksha Seed:4 faced
Herbal ashes to be used:Achyranthes (Apamarga-bhasma)
Cosmic number to be used:5
Planetary symbol to be used:
Hand to be worn on (if a ring):Right
Affected element:Earth
Affected sense:Smell
Affected bodily organ:Nose
Affected anatomical system:Flesh
Affected chakra:1st, Sahasrana
Day for invocation:Wednesday
Time for invocation:2 hours after sunrise
Mantra of invocation:"Aum bum budhaya namah."
(repeat 9 times)
Stotra of invocation:"Aum-priyangu kalika syaman
rupena pratimam budham,
somyam somya guno petam
tam budham pranamamy-aham."