Moon Talismans

Planet to be strengthened:Moon
Cosmic color said to be enhanced:Orange
Recommended gemstone:Natural Pearl
Alternate gemstones & Rudraksha:Moonstone, white coral (Rudraksha: 2 faced & Gauri-Shankar)
Solar/Lunar metal to be used:Silver, white gold
Herbal ashes to beused:Butia frandosa (Palasa-bhasma)
Cosmic number to be used:2
Planetary symbol to be used:
Hand to be worn (if ring):Left
Affected element:Water
Affected sense:Taste
Affected bodily organ:Tongue
Affected anatomical system:Blood
Affected chakra:6th, Svadtistana
Day for invocation:Monday
Time for invocation:Evening
Mantra of invocation:"Aum som somaya namah."
(repeat eleven times)
Stotra of invocation:"Aum dadhi sankha tusarabham
chira-arnava samudbhavam,,
namami sasinam soman
shambhor mukuta bhusanam."