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A Wonderful Story (Vedanta)

Anukul Gems 

Astral Gema & Planets 

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry – Nov 2012
What Are Bluff Stones?
Clean Gems Verses Dirty Gems
Clean Gems Verses Dirty Gems
Healing Powers of Gems
Advice of Jada Bharat (Vedanta)
Modern Astrology – Jan. 2010 
Powers of Gems in Asia
Question on Gem Use
Richard Brown in Masala Magazine 
Basic Talisman Puja Instruction
Royal Thai Srimad Bhagavata Collection
Vedic References on Importance of Gemstone Clarity
Vedic Time — Identification of ‘Atom’ in Vedic Texts
Wisdom of King Bharat
Srila Prabhupad in Nitya Lila (esoteric)
Origin of Jivatma
Romancing the Stone
Sri Shalagram Shila Puja Mahima
Outlining Powers of Gems
Gems & Planets – Same or Opposite?


Record Collector Article 2012
Illustrated Guide to Gemstone Varnas
Malefics & Benefics by Lagna