Our Navaratna Designs

Here is a random sampling of our original Navaratna designs.  Combining the gemstones representing each of the nine planets in sidereal astrology, the Navaratna is esteemed by ancient tradition as a jeweled yantra of good fortune through its favorable balance of the planetary energies.

The most well-known pattern places a ruby, representing the sun, in the center encircled by the other 8 planetary gemstones, diamond for Venus, pearl for Moon, coral for Mars, hessonite for Rahu (the moon’s ascending node), blue sapphire for Saturn, cat’s-eye for Ketu (the moon’s descending node), yellow sapphire for Jupiter and emerald for Mercury. If  you see a design that you like, please click on it to get more information.

Our Navaratna Rings & Pendants

CRYGaneshNRPen – Crystal Ganesha Navaratna Pendant
DharmaChakra – Dharma Chakra Navaratna Pendant
CorTube-NRR – Corner Tubes Navaratna Ring
DiaEdge-NRR2 – Diamonds Edged Navaratna Ring 2
DiaNR-RR – Diamonds Edged Nava Ratna Ridge Ring
Dia0EdgeNRR – Diamonds Edge Navaratna Rng
5-NR-Ban – Five Navaratnas Bangle
King-Rama-IX-NR(s) – King Rama IX Navaratna Pendant (small)
King-Rama-IX-NRPin(m) – King Rama IX Navaratna Pin (medium)
Lotus-NR-V-Ring – Lotus Navaratna with V Band Ring
Lotus-NR-Dia-V-Ring – Lotus Navaratna with Diamonds in V Ring
ROY-SEC-RR-NRR-f  – Royal Secretary Navaratna Ridge Ring (flat)  
NRPEN-8-BZ-1 – Navaratna Pendant with Eight Bezels1
Octa-RTop-NRR – Octagonal-Ridge Top Navaratna Ring
King-Rama-IX-NR-Pen (m) – King Rama IX Navaratna Pendant (medium)
Heart-Pen-NR-1 – Heart Pump Navaratna Pendanat Style 1
Royal-Garuda-NRR-1 – Royal Garuda Navaratna Ring – style 11
Spl-NRPend -9 – Special Navaratna Pendant – style 9
Spl-NR-Pen-12 – Special Navaratna Pendant – style 12
Spokes-n-balls-NRPen – Spokes-n-Balls Navaratna Pendant
Twist-RR-NRRing – Twisted-edges Ridge Navaratna Ring
Waves-NR-V-Ring – Waves Top Navaratna V Ring
Waves-NR-Ring-2 – Waves Top Navaratna Ring style 2
Waves-NRRing-rwist  – Waves Top Navaratna Ring –Twist Band
Wai-NRRing  – Wai (obeisances) Navaratna Ring 
Wai-NR-Pen  – Wai (obeisances) Navaratna Pendant
NRP1  – Navaratna Pendant – style 1
NRP-2  – Navaratna Pendant – style 2
OM-STR-RR-NR  – OM Sides Navaratna Straight Ridge Ring
Burst-NR-Ear  – Burst style Navaratna Earrings 
ROY-SEC-RR-NRR-s  – Royal Secretary Navaratna Ridge Ring (shiny)  
4-Curved-TB-NRP  – Four Curved Tubes Navaratna Pendant 
ROY-PRIN-NRR  – Royal Princess Style Navaratna Ring
TUB-NRP-1  – Navaratna Tube Pendant Style 1
NR-Garuda-Pen  – Sri Garuda set with Nine Gems 
INF-NR-PEN  – Infinity Navaratna Pendant
NR-ST-RIDGE-BAN  – Straight Navaratna Ridge Style Bangle
NR-TB-PEN-sq  – Navaratna Tube Pendant – Square Tube Style
NR-PEN-3  – Navaratna Pendant – Style 3
OM-HANGING-NR-PEN  – Om Hanging Navaratna Pendant
MAHA-NR-NECK  – Maha Navaratna Necklace
BURST-NR-PEN  – Burst Navaratna Pendant
SQ-NRR  – Square Simple Navaratna Ring
DBL-HEART-HANGING-OM-NR-PEN  – Double Heart Hanging OM Navaratna Pendant
CROSS-BANDS-NR-RING  – Cross Bands Navaratna Ring
LOTUS-SIDES-DIA-ED-NR-RING  – Lotus Sides Diamond Edge Navaratna Ring
AGT-CLASSIC-NR-PEN – AGT Classic Navaratna Pendant
BURST-TOP-NR-RING  – Burst Top Navaratna Ring
SIM-GAR-NR-RING  – Simple Style Sri Garuda Navaratna Ring
V-BODY-DIA-NR-BAN  – V-Body with Diamonds Navaratna Bangle
SRI-GAR-NR-PEN  – Sri Garuda Navaratna Pendant

Please click on the Video below to see a review of many more of our Navaratna Talisman Designs…