Our Ring Designs

Here is a random sampling of our original ring designs. Most of these patterns can be used for any planet or gem combination simply by adjusting the symbol, herb and jewel.

If  you see a design that you like, please click on it to get more information.

TBR-L1 – Herbal Tubes Ring for Ladies – style 1
TBR-M1 – Herbal Tubes Ring for Men – style 1
CurTBR-M1 – Curved Herbal Tubes Ring for Men – style 1
TriPagSTR – Tri level Pagoda Straight Ring – Unisex
Pag-V-ring – Pagoda-V-Ring (with symbol) – Unisex
Om-RR-M – Om Symbol Ridge Ring for Men
Burst-STR – Burst Straight Ring – Unisex
Dia-edge-STR – Diamonds Edged Straight Ring for Men
GarTriPagRing – Garuda-Tri-level-Pagoda-Ring (White Gold Top)
Ven-SyRing – Venus Symbol Top Ring for Ladies
PagDiaEdSTR – Pagoda Diamond Edge Straight Ring
RahuSyRing – Rahu Symbol Top Ring for Ladies `
OB-RR-SYM-RING  – Open Body Ridge Ring With Associated Symbol (Example: Mercury)
DEd-STR – Diamonds Edged Top Straight Ring- Style 1  – Unisex
HR-V-Ring – Heart Shaped V-Body Ridge Ring – Unisex
DEd-STR – Diamonds Edged Top Straight Ring – Style 2  – Unisex
TriPadR-4 – Tri-level Pagoda Ring with 4 Balls – Unisex
ST-RRing – Straight Ridge Ring – Narrow – Unisex
STR-M2 – Straight Ring – tapered – Unisex
FL-TOP-RING-L Flower Top Ladies Ring
RAHU-KETU STR – Rahu & Ketu Straight Ring – Unisex
DIAS-THIN-RING Thin Band with Diamonds Ring
MAR-SY-OV-TBR-L1 – Mars Symbol Top ‘Oval Tubes’ Ring – ladies 1
DIAS-THIN-RINGThin Band with Diamonds Ring
OV-TBR-BLOSSOM – Blossom Top Oval Tubes Ring – ladies 
STR-RR-COMET – Straight Ridge Ring with Comet Symbols
VEN-SYM-DIAS-RING – Venus Symbol Diamonds Ring
SIN-TRI-STR – Single Trisula Straight Ring
OV-TBR-L1 – Oval Tubes Ring for Ladies – Style 1
SIN-TBR-BODHI – Single Tube Ring with Bodhi Leaf
STR-RR-OM-1-LVL-PAG – Straight Wide Body OM 1 Level Pagoda Ring
GARUDA TOP RING – Garuda Top Ring
CURVED-STR-1-SYMBOL –  Curved Straight Ring – 1 Symbol