Our Special Designs

Here is a random sampling of our original special designs. Most of these patterns can be used for any planet or gem combination simply by adjusting the symbol, herb and jewel.


If  you see a design that you like, please click on it to get more information.

CUR-TB-BAN – Curved Herbal Tubes Bangle
RR-NR-PEN – Rudraksha & Navaratna Pendant
Simple RR Pen – Simple Rudraksha Pendant
L-Joint RR+GEM – L-Joint Gem Set Rudraksha Pendant
Mars-Sym-RR+GEM – Mars Symbol Rudraksha Pendant
CRY-BALL-SIM – Simple Crystal Ball Simple Stand
GARUDA-NR-BAN – Garuda Navaratna Bangle
PANCH-RATNA-2 – 5 (Pancha) Gems Heart Pump Design 2
MAHA-NR-NECKLACE – Maha Navaratna Necklace (Queen’s Design)
NR-EARRINGS – Navaratna Earrings Set
GARUDA-PEN-CASE – Potong Gold Garuda Diamond Case
NR-PRA-CASE-9 – Navaratna PRA Case Style 9
SAPTA-RATNA SET – Sapta Ratna- 7 Weekdays Rings
V-TOP-RR+GEM-PEN – V-Top With Gem Rudraksha Pendant
RR+GEM-PEN-8 – Rudraksha & Gem Pendant – Style 8
MER-SYM-EAR – Mercury Symbol Earrings
EL-TAIL-HAIR-BAN – Elephant Tail Hair Bangle
STR-EAR-COMET – Straight Earrings with Comet Tail
HANUMAN-PET-WOOD-CAMEO – Sri Hanuman Face Carved into Petrified Sala Wood
RUDRA-NR-PEN – Rudraksha with Navaratna Pendant
NR-SYMBOLS-BAN – Nine Symbols Navaratna Bangle
MARS-SYM-EAR – Mars Symbol Earrings
INF-SYM-EAR – Infinity Symbol Earrings
A&S-EAR-SQ – Art & Soul Earrings – square shape
STR-RIG-NR-BAN – Straight Ridge Navaratna Bangle
RR-EAR-1 – Rudraksha Earrings 1
LOTUS-SIDES-BAN-NR – Lotus Sides Bangle with Navaratna