+ Dharma Chakra Sri Navaratna Talisman (Silver/gold-plated)


The Nine Precious Gens and Nine Planetary Symbols adorn Dharma Chakra Yantra, crafted in Sterling Silver heavily pure gold plated — (does not include display chain).  INCLUDES FED EX

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Description: Dharma Chakra Sri Navaratna Pendant (does not include display chain).

Nine Jewels: One (1) 3×4-mm fine oval cut Ruby weighing – carat in the center, surrounded (clockwise from the top) by fine 3-mm round Diamond, fine 3-mm round-cabochon cut Royal Moonstone, fine 3-mm round-cabochon cut Red Coral, fine 3-mm round-cut Orange Spessartite, fine 3-mm round cut Blue Sapphire, fine 3-mm round-cabochon cut Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, fine 3-mm round cut Yellow Sapphire, and fine 3-mm round cut Green Tsavorite.

Setting: The Nine Gens and Nine Planetary Symbols adorn Dharma Chakra Yantra, crafted in 92.5% Sterling Silver heavily 22k gold plated to 3-micron. Behind stamped AGT and 925.

Traditional Benefits: The nine Gems of the Nine Planets in Jyotish or Asian Sidereal Astrology are simplified below:

•Ruby for Sun: Improves Core Self & Ego.

•Royal Moonstone for Moon: Improves Emotions & Peace.

•Red Coral for Mars: Improves Energy & Confidence.

•Green Tsavorite for Mercury: Improves Intellect & Nervous System.

•Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter: Improves Knowledge & Dharma.

• Diamond for Venus: Improves Pleasures & Art.

•Blue Sapphire for Saturn: Improves Challenges & Patience.

•Orange Spessartite for Rahu (North lunar node): Improves Windfalls & Exotica

•Cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl for Ketu (South lunar node): Improves Separations & Spirituality.


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 39 × 30 × 6 cm