Fine Sukhavati Jingtu Crystalline Ye Ming Zhu Glow Ring


One (1) 100% translucent cabochon cut 3 carats fine golden-greenish glow (in dark) and jade-greenish Ye Ming Zhu gem set in 21k yellow gold and 18k white gold herbal ring with Ying Yang symbols.

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One (1) 100% translucent 19th century alchemist-created oval cabochon cut fine golden-greenish glow (in dark) and jade greenish Ye Ming Zhu gem, part of the 9th Sukhavati Jingtu sphere (pictured) weighing 3 carats (9×6.9×4.6 mm.); Set in 21k yellow gold and 18k white gold herbal ring with Ying Yang symbols.

For centuries Chinese alchemists combined the Rare Earths found in Ancient Ye Ming Zhu, viz., Lanthanum (La), Europium (Eu), and Dysprosium (Dy) to create Modern Imperial Ye Ming Zhu.

Modern Imperial Ye Ming Zhu’s crystal structure makes it harder than Fluorite Ye Ming Zhu; the energetic glow is identical to the brightest Ancients, and the purity of its crystal matrix allows for a direct experience of its energy and intelligence.

Modern Ye Ming Zhu is certified non-radioactive, non-toxic, and food safe. Its strength enables it to be worn and crafted into useful items. The 9th Ye Ming Zhu sphere named “Golden Crown” was sliced and cabochon cut into jewelry size pieces for everyday use, and then authorized to be mounted by Thailand’s Astral Gemstone Talismans in this unique amulet jewelry.


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 39 × 30 × 6 cm