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Non-Fiction: 580 pages Beautiful PDF Format – A rock saga like no other.

A doomed time-traveler from a brutal past is reborn into the Baby Boom and the Swinging Sixties. Crossing the sea from America and poised on the brink of rock stardom in London, his world is suddenly shattered when he is cast into the US Army. As surfer, singer, pacifist, and now a fugitive, he evades the bloody Vietnam War, hidden away in an ancient North Indian ashram.

Befriended by India’s elite but forced from sanctuary as US authorities close in, he takes shelter in the Himalayas with 100 year-old mystic Kali Baba. Torn between the love of two competing Gurus, as well as Kali Baba, and lovely Tanny, he is driven over the edge into the mysterious Asian underworld

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