The Gomti “MAGIC EYE” Chakra – Wholesale


AGT is proud to introduce the Gomti Chakra shell “MAGIC EYE” talisman, set with a fine 3-mm yellow sapphire in a 92.5 Sterling silver Eye Pendant with heavy 18k gold-plating.  Each TALISMAN is 1.1″ wide, and is presented in a silk bag with an explanatory 4 pages full color brochure in English & Thai languages. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

Please see our wholesale sliding price scale for larger quantities greater than one dozen.

Availability:  Available in 12 pieces minimum order.

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The Gomti “MAGIC EYE” Chakra – Wholesale (minimum 12 pieces)

Astral Gemstone Talismans™ proudly presents the auspicious Gomti “Magic Eye” Chakra Talisman. It is an extraordinary Operculum shell from a rare sea snail in the Turbinidae Family. Hindus and Buddhists believe it is a sacred amulet to bless people with good health, success and wealth.

Our Gomti Chakra is enriched with a natural 3mm Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire mounted in a 925 sterling Silver pendant, plated in heavy 18K Gold.

Each Magic Eye is 1.1” wide, presented in a luxurious Silk bag and a 4-page full-color brochure in English and Thai.

For orders exceeding 200 sets, if you desire, your brochures can include your store’s contact details: not AGT’s™.

For a handsome profit, you are cordially invited to acquire these auspicious treasures for the low-wholesale price of less than US$67.00: INCLUDING SHIPPING (Minimum 12 Sets.).

Suggested Retail Price: $195.00.

Quantity Opportunities:

12 Sets                 @ $67.00/Each

13-24 Sets           @ $63.00/Each

25-49 Sets           @ $60.00/Each

50-99 Sets           @ $57.00/Each

100-199 Sets       @ $55.00/Each

200-500 Sets      @ $53.00/Each (200+ sets can includes custom address brochures)

1000 Sets             @ Please Contact Us Today

Note: Pictured display chain not included.

The Brochure Shows These Auspicious Benefits and Significance of AGT’s Magic Eye Pendant

  • Found in the depths of the Gomti River in Dwarka, Western India
  • “Chakra” is Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” to represent Almighty Krishna’s war discus
  • Also known as Cow’s Eye, Naag Chakra, Dwarka Chakra and Krishna Chakra
  • Brings blessings from Lord Krishna
  • Brings blessings from Lakshmi Devi, Goddess of Wealth
  • Placed in the foundations of buildings, blesses the residents with Long Life
  • Hung in front of your house brings Peace and Prosperity
  • 11 Gomti Chakras may be wrapped in a red cloth and placed in rice or wheat containers to ensure Food Security
  • The natural spiral pattern on the backside represents the Sacred Golden Ratio or Phi: the ancient symbol of Growth and Evolution, linking Past to Present. It dates back eons encompassing Chinese, Asian, Mesopotamian and Ancient Western Cultures.
  • Especially known to protect children from harm

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 63 × 60 × 18 cm