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Talisman Gems Prescription

Your Vedic Horoscope & Gems Prescription in 15 pages: $30

This package includes your Vedic Sidereal Astrological Horoscope (using Lahiri Ayanamsa) with Vimshottari Dasha period dates, some personalized notes, and your “Gems Prescription” (based on the positive “Anukula-graha” or favorable graha jewel recommendation philosophy established by the Planetary Gemologists Association) — all in 12-15 color pages by Richard S. Brown, PG. Important: Our gem recommendation and astrological notes are based on human intuition and are compiled manually

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Three Pages Simple Vedic Horoscope & Gem Prescription with Notes: $6

Parashara’s Light® has developed astrological software which features a favorable (anukula) planetary gems selection program we subscribe to and use to help us determine what gem is most beneficial. And now we offer this anukula Jyotish gem choosing service to you for $6

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Our new 19 page Planetary Reading showing Astrological Causes & Effects as seen in your Vedic Horoscope (Classic Goravani)

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This package includes your Vedic Sidereal Astrological Horoscope (using Lahiri Ayanamsa) with Vimshottari Dasha period dates, plus 18 pages of unblended breakdown of all your planetary positions and aspects, using the “classic original 30 year old Goravani Jyotishi” – in the form of a 19 pages PDF you will receive by email.

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Gem Prescription by Pandit Vidyadhar Shukla (half-page long-hand in Hindi or Thai) – by special request

If you would prefer a far more expert Astrological Gem suggestion by the Chief Brahman Priest of Thailand and PGA President, Pandit Vidydhar Shukla, then please contact us to place your request.

In some instances a client already knows what type of astrological gems talisman they want. In any case when you know what gem(s) are best for you then please visit our On-line boutique, where you can view our gems and talismans by planet and / or style, such as “Ruby” or “Sun Ring” or “Navaratna Pendant”. For more information you are welcome to write to us about the availability of our genuine gems and unique designs by email. Or please visit AGT in person at Conrad Hotel’s All Seasons Place, La Villa Ari and select Central Department Stores and shows when in Bangkok, Thailand. Welcome!