Sun Talismans

Planet to be strengthened:Sun
Cosmic color said to be enhanced::Red
Recommended gemstone:Ruby
Alternate gemstones:Red spinel, garnet or rubellite
Solar/Lunar metal to be used:Gold
Rudraksha Seed:1 face & 12 faced
Herbal ashes to be used:Milkweed (Arka-bhasma)
Cosmic number to be used:1
Planetary symbol to be used:
Hand to be worn (if ring):Right
Affected element:Fire
Affected Sense:Sight
Affected bodily organ:Eyes
Affected anatomical system:Bone
Affected chakra:5th, Manipura
Day for invocation:Sunday
Time for invocation:Sunrise
Mantra of invocation:
"Aum grinih suryaya namah."
(repeat seven times)
Stotra of invocation:Om japakusumasankasam
kasyapeyam mahadyutim/
tamoham sarvapapaghnam
pranato 'smi divakaram