Venus Talismans

Planet to be strengthened:Venus
Cosmic color said to be enhanced:Indigo
Recommended gemstone:Diamond
Alternate gemstones:Colorless zircon, quartz, topaz, white sapphire, and beryl (goshenite)
Solar/Lunar metal to be used:Silver
Rudraksha Seed:6 faced and 13 faced
Herbal ashes to be used:Ficus Glomerata (Audumbara-bhasma)
Cosmic number to be used:6
Planetary symbol to be used:
Hand to be worn on (if a ring):both
Affected element:Water
Affected sense:Taste
Affected bodily organ:Lymph glands
Affected anatomical system:Sperm
Affected chakra:Vishuddhi
Day for invocation:Friday
Time for invocation:Sunrise
Mantra of invocation:"Aum shum shukraya namah"
(repeat16 times)
Stotra of invocation:"Aum hima kunda mrina labham
daityanam paramam gurum,
sarva sastra pravantaram
bhargavam pranamamy-aham."
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